I’m so excited our path came across and I’ll be helping you.
Now, your life won’t feel overwhelmed and things will start making sense.
Here you will find out all the steps of how to start a successful beauty business as a solo entrepreneur.

"I don't sell dreams; I guide you toward tangible accomplishments through strategic guidance."

Discover our Program:


There's no other training program as thorough as this one, guiding you from the very beginning, covering PMU theory, color theory, mapping, client consultations, aftercare, needles and machines, contraindications, dos and don'ts, and much more to ensure you can provide a safe and effective treatment to your clients.

Most training programs usually focus on just one of these aspects, but what sets PMU Artist apart is that it covers it all. Plus, you won't just learn the art of PMU techniques; you'll also gain insights into starting a business, marketing, providing excellent customer service, and boosting your sales.

Our MasterClass is designed with easy-to-follow lessons, practical exercises, task trackers, a business strategy plan, and various tools to empower you to become a successful business owner and a master PMU artist, allowing you to apply what you've learned right away.

Support Group

We add you to a WhatsApp student group with more than 100 students where you will be able to communicate and trade information and improve your practicing. You will learn always something new and be able to network with people from the industry,

Online Training

A one year access to our online platform to not forget what you will be learning, along with all the lessons on business, marketing, customer service, and sales. You be able to watch the videos at

any time from any device that you are logged in.

Mentoring Mettings

You will have the opportunity to have in-person meetings with our team once a week for three months. These sessions are designed to ensure the effective implementation of your custom business strategy and practice techniques for improvement tailored to your needs.


In-person Training

Theoretical Aspects of Techniques

Health and Safety Protocols

Comprehensive Product List and Expertise

Color Science and Application

Advanced Eyebrow Design for Permanent Makeup

Step-by-Step Procedure Guidance

Pre and Post-Care Instructions


Eyebrow Design

Nano brows

Powder Brows

Lip blush

10 models

4 technique knowledge e-books

4 certificates

15 Brow Styles Correction Guide

Needles and Device Guide

Powder Brows & Lip Blush Ink Guide

“THE POWER” Business & Financial Planner

The selling guide for PMU Artists e-book

Service & Product Price Calculator

Copy/Paste Customer Service Messages

Real-life sells calls recording

1 Year Email/ Messages Newsletters Funnel

180 IG Posts (pics & carousels)

90 Days Content Ideas

The content will be structured into

3 phase

Comprehensive technique

and knowledge training to build your foundation. Professional kit with machine

is included.

Observing Agata as she performs eyebrow and lip procedures on live models.

Three hours per week to refine your practice and business skills.

Craft a winning business strategy tailored to your unique goals.

Practice on live models to improve your skills and build your portfolio


You'll gain access to 10 comprehensive online training modules that include exercises to help you organize your business for success

Initiating Your Business Legally

Crafting an Effective Business Plan

Strategic Pricing for Your Services and Hourly Work

Mastering Product Procurement and Inventory Management

Building and Elevating Your Brand

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Expanding Your Clientele List

Utilizing Social Media and Marketing Funnels to Drive Sales

Scaling Your Business for Growth

Effective Team Recruitment and Training Strategies


Hustlers than want to make more than 10k a month and be your own boss.
You will learn how to start your business on a solid foundation, making it nearly impossible for you not to succeed. By following a strategy from the outset, you'll optimize your time and avoid feeling stressed and lost without seeing results. This is a 1:1 coaching program personalized for your beauty business idea. You will have me walking your through everything in steps.

You are in the beauty industry but would like to increase your income 3x.

You'll have the opportunity to truly LIVE and rediscover the woman who initially pursued in the beauty industry for financial freedom and a flexible schedule. Instead, she found herself ensnared by her business, working tirelessly for 8 to 10 hours each day, without weekends or holidays, and enduring endless night shifts just to cover monthly expenses.

You are tired of working long hours and no window for growth.

It's evident that your passion lies in makeup, art, and all things related to beauty. Pursuing this career will not only fulfill you but also turn your dream job into a reality. You'll have the opportunity to work with diverse clients every day, helping them feel their best.

You think the beauty industry is fascinating

By offering appointments within two hours, you open up the opportunity to schedule more clients each day, essentially increasing your earnings while working fewer days in the month. For instance, if you serve five clients a day at a rate of $300.00 each, you could potentially generate a total of $15,000.00 in revenue over the course of 20 working days.


Meet Valerie, a single mom of four who earned over 100k in her first year after completing our training

What different packages do we offer?




Business Strategy Package includes:

- Business Plan

- Setup of Business Operations

- Financial Calculator

- Marketing Strategy

- Branding Development

- Social Media Setup

- Content Creation and Templates

- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

- Real-life Sales Call Recordings

- Consultation Sales Message Scripts

- Newsletter Templates

- 1-Year Access


3 months mentorship


Mastery Package:

- Custom Brow Design

- Precision Nano Brows

- Subtle Powder Brows

-Lip Blush & Neutralization

- PMU Removal

Skill Refinement Program:

- Hands-on Experience with 10 Live Models

- 3 Live Models for Shadowing Experience

- 3 Hours of Weekly Practice Meetings

Business Strategy Package Included

All-inclusive for a 3-Month Period


7 days in-person


Mastery Package:

- Custom Brow Design

- Precision Nano Brows

- Subtle Powder Brows

-Lip Blush & Neutralization

- PMU Removal

Skill Refinement Program:

- Hands-on Experience with 2 Live Models

- 3 Live Models for Shadowing Experience

Choose Afterpay at checkout to make your financial plan accessible and stress-free.

Agata Soldato is globally KNONW for her exceptional expertise as a permanent makeup artist, a visionary entrepreneur, and an influential educator. However, Agata's journey to these accomplishments began a decade ago when she embarked on her career, building Posh from the ground up.
With a Bachelor's degree in International Business and Marketing and an impressive collection of over 30 PMU certifications earned over the years, Agata stands as a testament to the power of dedication and continuous learning.
For Agata, sharing her knowledge isn't just a duty but a way to express gratitude and give back. That's why she has forged partnerships with fellow artists to offer you the most comprehensive training available in the industry.


Success doesn’t happen overnight and proper training is the first step to your success. Be fearless, work hard, and you will get there!".